Saturday, December 11, 2010

too much coffee, red bull and a make shift change room...

This was my first time back at GILLES ST MARKETS in a whole year! For a little chrissy present to all my lovely customers I discounted Penny Anne to over 50% off stock for this Sunday and next Sunday only... needless to say the make shift change room got a work out!

Helping me out was my best friend Caroline and she was wearing the 'british cool' peaked blazer and 'blossom babe' floral bustier dress. I was wearing 'the impressionable' cotton dress and a hat I picked up in Target about 4 years ago that I decided needed to make a come back... im into hats big time at the moment!

Across from my stall was the beautiful Erica who was a Penny Anne model once upon a day, Em from STENCIL and Georgie who has the blog Lasskaa as well as an incredible new shoe range to boot (pun intended)!

Now to do it all over again next Sunday... might just leave the car packed!


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