Wednesday, December 9, 2009

just the beginning...

Being my first post (ever) I hope you are impressed with my selection of street stylish fems...

I have to say I did cheat a bit... all of these girls are customers of mine wearing Penny Anne but hey what can I say... I needed some hot pics to grab your attention!

hope it WORKED!

DJ Minx: Bondi Beach, NSW

Jovanna: Adelaide, SA

Bec: Glenelg, SA

Jamie Lee: Adelaide, SA

Letetia: Adelaide, SA

Kaylee: Silverdale, NSW

Peta-Maree: Adelaide, SA

Girl at Club: Adelaide, SA

Lisa: Gawler, SA

Sophie: Adelaide, SA


  1. Fabulous designs sweet. :) Following.

  2. Thanks lovely.. glad you like them. And thanks for being my firs ever follower :) xxx

  3. SPRUNG! Dan YAY! How exciting.
    fun fun fun.!

    xxxx bel